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“Obama’s Fried Chicken was nothing racist about that….”

Malice and Pusha T of the Clipse have experienced widespread controversy for their video for “Popular Demand (Popeyes) due to a scene that was censored for TV.

The music video for the song ,which also features Camron’, shows a restaurant named ‘Obama Fried Chicken’ but when the finished product made its television debut, the words were noticeably blurred out, leading many to believe that it was done to prevent racial implications.

Obviously not happy with the censorship, the Clipse are defending their video and according to Pusha T, the whole thing was made into a bigger deal than necessary.

Pusha T told HipHopDX that the same dispute could be applied to one of his lines on the track “Freedom” when he says, “Pompous muthafu**a, just look what them Jews made me.”

He shook off the controversy from his lyrics and the Popeyes videos saying,

“It’s just the fact that he was elected President and in celebration that chicken shack…..changed its name to that. Whoopty-f**kin’-do….it’s the same thing [as the ‘Jews made me’ line]. Jewish people, I mean, like they don’t run the record industry? Like what, I can’t say that?

He further clarified the line to DX saying,

“It’s like pompous, like yo they have created…I’m in this industry and they’ve created me and this industry and look how arrogant I am…but it wasn’t a swipe at Jewish people, man. I love Jewish people.”

So there you have it, the Clipse have no problems with Jews and the Obama Fried Chicken sign was made into a bigger deal than it had to be.

As it turns out the store name was actually blurred out because the owner wanted more money than the network was willing to pay for the establishment’s name to be shown in the video.

Or at least that’s what MTV says…..