A lot of Diplomat fans have been waiting for Juelz Santana to drop new music for a long time. God Will’n is the first full project from the Dipset/Skullgang rapper since What The Game’s Been Missing! 

“I’m gonna treat the situations like I’m a new artist. I’m just hungry again,” Santana told The Village Voice.God Will’n is just gonna be the start of a new chapter. I got a new label situation called Anything’s Possible. But it’s still Dipset, Skull Gang. I’m still on Def Jam. I already got the second mixtape done after God Will’n where I’ll be rapping over other people’s beats but we’re just going to talk about God Will’n for now. I’m just happy to be back in business.

“I want to enjoy working and go hard and be where I need to be,” he said. “Right where some of these ni**as ain’t supposed to be. I’m still looking better than a lot of ni**as who just dropped albums though. They looking lost out here. It’s time to follow the leader again.”

The following mixtape after God Will’n will feature the rapper spitting over other artists’ beats. Looks like it might be “Santana’s Town” again. God Will’n will be available January 14th.

Photo: YouTube

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