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The NBA is getting its money’s worth when it comes to Spike Lee’s directing talents. The famed New York Knicks fans was behind the lens for another commercial in the NBA’s BIG campaign, this time starring Chris Paul along with Steve Nash and Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

The previous ad features Spike Lee speaking on the legend of Bernard King and passing the King of New York basketball crown to Carmelo Anthony. The new spot is called “The Disappearing Act” and features CP3 not just putting defenders on skates, as usual, but actually disappearing and reappearing. When the LA Clippers point guard disappears in a puff of smoke, he actually reappears at a restaurant table with fellow PGs Magic and Nash, watching the same game Paul was just in.

CP3 snatches a french fry and then Magic asks, “Shouldn’t you be heading to the hoop?” Paul pulls another move out of Nightcrawler of the X-Men’s playbook and is back in the game taking it to the rack.

“Chris Paul is a great point. His mover are magical, when he shakes people it’s like he disappears,” says Lee about the commercial’s concept. “We’re taking that thinking into the spot.”

Watch the “The Disappearing Act” spot below and dope behind the scenes footage featuring Spike, CP3 and Magic on the next page.

Photo: YouTube/NBA

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