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Well, someone is getting suspended. Footage has been found of Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony heatedly arguing and being restrained from each other after Monday night’s Knicks vs. Celtics game.

TMZ obtained the video, and it’s clear that if it was for the respective entourages and security, the two star players likely would have come to blows.

The incident went down in front of the Celtics team bus inside Madison Square Garden — just a short time after things got physical between the two NBA superstars on the court.

In the video, both men can be seen yelling and approaching each other aggressively as security scrambles to keep them apart.

It’s unclear exactly what the guys were saying to each other — but we definitely heard someone use the n-word a couple of times.

Eventually, security was able to separate the big men … and KG boarded the team bus.

Yesterday, the Internet was running amok with rumors that Garnett allegedly telling Anthony that his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios is was set everything off.

However, there is no valid source that can confirm that KG actually said those words. It’s likely a case of the Celtics player’s reputation for over the top trash talk and a stray quote falsely attributed to him that started what’s looking like an urban legend.

But Melo and KG stepping to each other after the game really did happen so expect the NBA to hand down fines or even suspensions over this incident. Although Melo has said they settled their issues during practice the day after, watch their attempts at a “conversation” the night before below.


Photo: NBA/Getty