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DJ Ro is straight out of the 504 with the Louisiana drawl and persona to go with it. This veteran DJ has been engrossed in the Magnolia state’s Hip-Hop scene for two decades and has a firsthand account of how the music scene’s grown and changed. This mix-show DJ for Q93 FM sat down with HipHopWired to tell us about the state of Hip-Hop in New Orleans post-Katrina, what ‘Bounce music’ does to the ladies and who’s next to blow in the Big Easy.

Origin: New Orleans, LA-The Lower 9th ward

Current Location: The Westbank of New Orleans (Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina)

Top Ten Playlist

1.Juvenile-“Got To Get it”

2.B.G. feat. Mannie Fresh-“My Hood”

3.Mannie Fresh feat. Rick Ross -“Drought”

4.P.N.C. -“Move Around”

5.Dank feat. Nut The Kid-“Can’t Stop Me”

6.Jay Z feat. Rihanna and Kanye West-“Run This Town”

7.50 cent feat. Ne-Yo- “Baby by Me”

8.Esther Dean feat. Chris Brown- “Drop It Low”

9.Trey Songz -“Invented Sex”

10.Robin Thicke feat. Nicki Minaj “Shakin It For Daddy”

HipHopWired: Tell me a little bit about how you got started DJing.

DJ Ro: In the 80s,one of my hobbys was going to the local skating rink in the 9th ward, “SkateLand” on Wednesday nights and they would have DJs like DJ Slick Leo- the 1st Dj to Bring Mixing to New Orleans,Slick Mike,LBJ and my older brother MC Action Jackson. The DJs would be mixing & scratching,it was very exciting. The memory I have that influenced me to become a DJ was when Slick Leo mixed & scratched Tina Marie “Square Biz.” He took it from the top over and over and I was amazed!!!

From that point on any stereo equipment i could find around the house I experimented with.Shortly after that with the financial support of my older sister Linda  I formed my first mobile DJ group at age 16. We were the R.D.S. Express which included myself, MC. Doc and DJ Smokey B. who were my boys from the neighborhood.A couple of years later I formed another company “High Fidelity” which included myself,MC. Rocky V. and I would subcontract other DJs, rappers and MCs.

HipHopWired: How’d you get started spinning for Q93?

DJ Ro: I worked hard at marketing my business in the neighborhood and house parties and then school dancers.That was the beginning of DJ Ro becoming a household name in the New Orleans area. Lebron Joseph also known as LBJ at the time was working as a announcer at WQUE FM ( Q 93 ). He knew of my dedication to the art of DJing and he  informed me that the station would be seeking another mixshow disc jockey in the coming  months and i should send air-check tapes,so that’s what I did.

I sent mixed tapes to the music director every Tuesday for 4 months before I received a call back. I went live on air with LBJ hosting. I played the same format I would at any house party or school dance and the phone lines lit up!!! As they say,the rest is history,I’m on my 19th year doing Club 93.

HipHopWired: Tell me more about Don’t Even Trip Entertainment, what are you doing with that?

DJ Ro: Don’t Even Trip is my Entertainment company I use to share my marketing and promotion skills. I also use my company to display new talent through my CDs.

HipHopWired: Let’s talk about the Louisiana music scene, are you guys still heavy into bounce music?

DJ Ro: Bounce music is a major part of our Hip Hop scene. The energy level Bounce brings to the club is what makes it special.When dat beat comes on, the hot girlz go crazy, poppin and catching the wall!  Bounce music helps a DJ shine in this market. It’s a must to get the party on Bubble!!!

HipHopWired: Who are some artists to look for in Louisiana?

DJ Ro: Lil Wayne,Juvinele,Mannie Fresh,B.G.,Chopper City Boyz,DJ Jubilee,10 Ward Buck,5th Ward Webbie,Detroit,JMS, Gotti Boi Chris,Chopper,Big Freeda,Magnolia Shorty,Skip,Lil Bossie, Webbie, CTC Dank,Merk,C.Murder,Just to name a few…We have a lot of unsigned talent here!!!

HipHopWired: Well on a more serious note, do you see a difference in Louisiana music post Katrina? How has it changed or is it still the same?

DJ Ro: It’s not so much of the music being different here in the city.During the storm the city was divided and everyone is in different places which makes it harder for our artists to relay the message that usually would come from our city,our neighborhoods,our overall lifestyle here in New Orleans. I feel when you’re not in your roots ,you can’t give the message of your people!!! A lot of our artists who are no longer in the city have adopted other lifestyles and are sending messages through their music that their fans back home can’t relate to.

HipHopWired: Okay. So you guys are known for your dancing down there, is there a new dance craze we don’t know about up here that y’all are doing?

DJ Ro: Bounce music make the Ladies get Wild!!! P. Popping,catching the wall,catching the floor or if your not from here, you probably would refer to it as backing that azz up. That’s what we like to see!!!

HipHopWired: Well as a Louisiana DJ, what do you think about all these Louisiana rappers getting locked up? You’ve got Lil Boosie in jail, Wayne’s on the way….

DJ Ro: I personally don’t like to see my Hip-Hop family in that situation. We are all in this together trying to keep Hip-Hop alive and feed our families. I wish anyone who is facing jail time seek God and use the time to reflect on better choices. We all make mistakes,It’s what you learn from them that gives you a second chance.

HipHopWired: With Lil Wayne being the biggest artist to come out of Louisiana do you see anyone else following in his footsteps?

DJ Ro:Yes, Lil Wayne has accomplished a lot but He is not the last who can achieve that level of success. In fact, for all the people out there…do you think you are you the next Weezy or feel you’re better??? Let us take a listen. Email me at

HipHopWired: Okay, cool.  What do you think about BG getting himself together and getting back on the music scene?

DJ Ro: I am happy to see BG during his thing!!! I met BG with Cash Money in his early stages, he would stay in the car and write while we partied. He was groomed to be a superstar and he keeps it 100.

HipHopWired: Are you working on anything right now? Any mixtapes?

DJ Ro: I’m working on other volume of  “DJ Ro Presents” Anyone can summit songs to me at

HipHopWired: Alright Ro,  any last words? Any shoutouts?

DJ Ro: I want to Shout out all my New Orleans people all over the world. Keep the faith and shout as loud as you can, GO SAINTS,THANK YOU GOD!!!

Holla At Cha Boy!

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