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TMZ caught Katt Williams in the streets last night and, oddly enough, he wasn’t being arrested. However, he did have something to say to the NFL.

While talking to a camera man about the NBA’s New Orleans Hornets changing their name to the Pelicans, he believed that there are more pressing matters in terms of naming pro sports teams.

“As long as we still live in a country where you really will call a team “The Washington Football Team,” we shouldn’t have s**t to say. You know how racist that is? Do you understand the quality of racism that is? That would be like the Chinese Yellowskins of the Compton Blackskins, are you kidding me? Washington Football Team? That’s the name? Come on dude. We’ve done enough now, you are letting gay people get married. Can you stop disrespecting the people we admit we did wrong to?”

When he was told that the Washington Football Team were planning on changing the team name, he wondered what was taking them so long.

“What do you mean think about? Remember, slavery was wrong the first year, not 399 years in. At some point somebody should have said, ‘hey, this is terrible.’ So you know, it still gives us stuff to do in 2013.”

Check out the video down below.

[Spotted at TMZ]

Photo: TMZ