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Well, that was fast. Not even a full day after Justin Timberlake released his new single “Suit & Tie,” Ryan Leslie decides to add his own verse on the joint for the remix. 

He lets the lyrics for the remix loose on his Soundcloud page and even openly admits that he “must be crazy” to jump on the song so quickly. No need to let it breathe, eh? Anyway, this is a pretty groovy verse that the NextSelection founder adds to the song and keeps the courting and upscale vibe to the joint going on this record.

Nothing much changed to this song except for a little verse that he adds in the beginning of the song. Not mad at this at all. Get a listen to the “Suit & Tie” remix from Ryan Leslie at the bottom and read his lyrics after the player.



Welcome back JT

Heard you got a record with the homie Jay-Z

So for me to jump on it – I must be crazy

But girl, they’re both married baby, you can date me!

Yeah put your best dress on

Teach ’em how to stunt we’ll give them a lesson

Bulletproof girl, she harder than teflon

Take her ten rounds – I call it decathlon (like a boxer baby)

Like a boxer baby

Be my Demi Moore I can be your prince

Harry Morton, take a break from recordin’

No serious dates we just courtin’


And my ex is like a cigarette

I’m tryna quit girl you could be my Nicorette

Let’s take it back to the Sheraton [Sheridan] Nicolette

Feel good

You’ll never see my A$$ caught in an ascot

Gettin’ green man, money is the mascot

I made to a “have” from a “have not”

Started rappin’ now these n****s gettin’ mad hot

And we off them wedge sneakers

Now my baby in Chanel gold creepers

Talkin’ top of the world – Burj Khalifa

Get wit me


Photo: NextSelection