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 Shyne is a vocal critic of President Obama and judging by his Twitter page, he has no plans of backing down. Earlier today, the Belizean rapper tweeted the commander in chief demanding that he help to stop the violence in Chicago.

With a home and headquarters in the Midwest city, the president calls Chicago home, but hasn’t put as much emphasis on the gun violence that pushed its homicide number above 500, last year. “#Yes u can! @barackobama u can do something tho curb the violence in the inner cities across America, especially your hood in Chicago,” Shyne wrote.

He also threatened to mimic Kanye West’s “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people,” outburst after Hurricane Katrina. “If @barackobama doesn’t do something about the genocide in Chicago fast I’m gonna have an @kanyewest melt down &say Barack Don’t care about?”

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting massacre, noted as the “worst day” of his presidency, Obama has called on the help of Vice President Joe Biden to come up with a plan to halt excessive gun violence. During the final press conference of his first term, held today, the commander in chief revealed that Biden gave him a proposal, and will further unleash the details this week.

Less than a full month into the year, the homicide rate in Chicago is moving full steam ahead.  In the first two weeks of 2013, 18 people have been killed, putting the city in line to clock roughly 700 homicides for the year.

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