As has been the case with the earthquake and accompanying tsunami in Japan, Hurricane Katrina,  Hurricane Sandy, and other global natural disasters, no matter the destroyed structures, a strong sense of faith in Haiti has not been shattered. “A lot of people who never prayed or believe—now they believe,” said 24-year-old clerk Cristina Bailey, days after the quake. “People don’t blame Jesus for all these things. They have faith. They believe that Jesus saved them and are thankful for that.”

“Thank you God, because he saved my life,” said 11-year-old Anaika Saint Louis pulled from the rubble after the earthquake, only die from her injuries. The little girl’s leg had been crushed, and even after learning that doctor’s would have to amputate her feet, her faith never faltered. “Thank you God, because he saved my life,” she said. “If I lose my feet, I always had my life.”

Click below to see photos from the quake and updated images of the area.

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