Woman Sues Former Boss After Accusing Him of Making “Animals” W/ Penis


A woman is taking her former boss to court for being an unwilling participant in his business peep show.

Lisa Vanella, formerly of World Wide Child Care and Children of America Incorporated, is suing former Karate champion Thadeus Pryor, alleging that her boss made a habit of exposing his genitals to her while twisting them into shapes that resembled farm animals and several mammals.

Pryor purportedly called the mistreated woman a “Pig Slore,” telling her to “look at his package” because she “turned him on,” on a regular basis.

Official business records say that Vanella was fired after management accused her of stealing a computer, something that the former account manager has adamantly discredited.

Vanella has listed 103 examples of sexual misconduct against Pryor and is seeking unspecified damages for civil assault, emotional distress, defamation, and negligence.

President and CEO of Child Care of America child-care chain, Pryor is a former multi-time Karate Champion. He is also purportedly the owner of very pliable genitalia, being able to fashion a goat, flying bat, and human brain using nothing but his penis and scrotum.

What a class act. . .