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The gang’s all here, as The Combat Jack Show returns to its original format this week with a special guest in the legendary Wu-Tang Clan’s masterful dart thrower, Raekwon. The show plays like a trip down memory lane for The Chef, who recollects tales of the Wu’s early days. Here, Raekwon discusses his love for house music, what makes him and Ghost stand out from the rest of the clan, living under the RZA dictatorship, how he made the Ralph Lauren Snow Beach ‘Lo piece a classic and more.

The Chef also dropped a few bars on beats supplied by Just Blaze. “Me and Ghost, we just clicked a little bit more than everybody thought that we would, because we were talking that talk… that street talk,” said Raekwon, who admits that he and Ghostface were the most overprotective in the Wu.

“Me and Ghost was always like the outspokens, while the other cats, some cats is low key, some cats don’t talk a lot. That don’t take nothing away from who they are, but at the end of the day that’s how some cats are. When you assemble a crew, you don’t expect everybody to have the same energy. But just for us, we was the flamboyant ones.”

We’re in a time when the OGs are often taken for granted, but Raekwon continues to withstand the testament of time in this young man’s game we call Hip-Hop. The Staten Island MC still decimates microphones, and proves so on his recent EP, Lost Jewels.

Check below to hear the full interview and to see photos of Raekwon signing Just Blaze’s Snow Beach jacket.

Photo: Instagram

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