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Yep, Lance Armstrong doped. He cheated, bamboozled millions and all that stuff. Last night the first part of the seven time Tour De France winner’s sit down with Oprah Winfrey aired, and he admitted to doping after over a decade of furious denials.

The Oprah’s Next Chapter interview went down in Austin, TX and Winfrey asked him straight up what he did. EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone, human growth hormones; Armstrong used all those aforemntioned banned substances when winning all his Tour De France titles.

In the candid, if not very exciting, interview, Armstrong reveals that he didn’t think winning was possible without the help of performance enhancing drugs.

“Not in that generation, and I’m not here to talk about others in that generation,” Armstrong told Winfrey. It’s been well-documented. I didn’t invent the culture, but I didn’t try to stop the culture, and that’s my mistake, and that’s what I have to be sorry for, and that’s what something and the sport is now paying the price because of that. So I am sorry for that. I didn’t have access to anything else that nobody else did.”

In case you missed it, watch Lance Armstrong’s full interview with Oprah Winfrey below.

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Photo: OWN