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2012 was a crazy year for violent crimes across the nation. Throughout last year Hip-Hop Wired has reported on nationwide violence that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of victims.

Despite the influx homicide stories, the FBI reported that U.S. violent crime rates dropped for the fifth straight year, based on data compiled in 2011. Figures for 2012 have yet to be released.

Perhaps one of the most puzzling and unfortunate cities to experience a homicide rate of epidemic proportions is Chicago. The Windy City had over 500 homicides, last year, and is on pace to surpass those numbers by reaching 700 for 2013. With less than a full month into the year, as of last week, 18 homicides were reported in the Chi.

As community leaders, politicians, and police all vowed to do something to put a dent in the staggering numbers, they have yet to make any marginal changes.

But Chicago isn’t the only place where violence has gotten out of control. Take a look at 10 other cities that put up big numbers in 2012.



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