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“I’m a fan of lyricism, so I like just spazzing out, going crazy.” 

Quality has forever outweighed quantity.  What is the point is an abundance of one things if it lacks substance and has no lasting impression?  What is the point in essentially having a whole lot of nothing?

Part of the XXL Freshman Class of ’09, New York’s own Cory Gunz is a rapper that knows lyrics and is very keen as his rapid fire flow is sure to leave bullets that will stay buried in their target.  Educated shots are more beneficial than random shots because they are planned and usually hit their mark.

Without a debut to date, his presence on Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” might have left Gunz as the owner to the instrumental, but his mixtape Heir to the Throne with Drama established him as more than a rapper that’s spits bars at a frantic pace.

During an interview with, Gunz spoke on the shift occurring in music which has been started with the resurgence of New York in 2009 and how people may be tiring of simplicity in their daily diet of musical offerings from rappers. 

“I definitely think the game is at a turning point, coming from my perspective.  Coming from me, everything is about the lyrics.  I think a lot more people are paying attention and, no disrespect, a lot of people are getting a lot smarter.” 

Just as Lupe Fiasco has been criticized for going over too many heads with his rap structure, Gunz has been a victim to scrutiny due to his fast pace which makes it hard for some to comprehend what he is even saying.

“Everybody tells me that I rap too fast , nobody can really understand me, but that’s me.  I learned how to do it on certain records people picked up on.  The funny thing is, the records that a lot of people picked up on is the ones that I was just rapping, I don’t wanna say dumb, but kinda like at a slow pace.”

Wayne said it best, “I’m not talking fast, you just listening slow.”

As the tides continue to change and push their way back towards the East for New York to establish dominance again, best believe Cory Gunz will have his machine gun flow ready to fire.

Watch Gunz go in over a freestyle here: