“I’m a fan of lyricism, so I like just spazzing out, going crazy.”  Quality has forever outweighed quantity.  What is the point is an abundance of one things if it lacks substance and has no lasting impression?  What is the point in essentially having a whole lot of nothing? Part of the XXL Freshman Class […]

Although gone in his physical form, the memory of Slum Villages own Baatin still resides in everyone’s minds.  His unexpected death in July hit many hard, regardless if the person was a fan or a friend of the rapper. Tragedy, however, extends farther than the borders of Detroit as many have been impacted by the […]

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New York has been on the come-up as of late and it feels like artists are trying to take back the crown for being the hotspot in Hip-Hop. With Maino releasing his debut and Red Café getting the assist from Diddy, it might be time for another new gun known as Cory Gunz to step […]