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Although gone in his physical form, the memory of Slum Villages own Baatin still resides in everyone’s minds.  His unexpected death in July hit many hard, regardless if the person was a fan or a friend of the rapper.

Tragedy, however, extends farther than the borders of Detroit as many have been impacted by the rapper’s presence at one point or another.

The cut still seems to run deep for Jack Splash, a rapper/producer/singer hailing from Miami who has continued to find a means to keep Baatin’s name alive.

Releasing the track, “Baatin (Missing You)”, which is set to be featured on his upcoming mixtape, Heir to the Throne, Vol. 1,dropping on November 11.  The mixtape will be one in three which will all serve as a prelude to his debut album on Jive Records, Technology and Love Will Save Us All which should be coming around March of next year.

“When I lost my hope and I could not do it/It was you, Baatin, that got me through it/And you told me if I fight for love they gon’ fight this/Teardrops on the paper as I write this.”

Paying homage to his friend, Splash is in the process of releasing an animated film where Baatin was the inspiration for the main character.

Although no title, thorough details or release date has been given, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco has been tapped to play the voice for the Baatin-inspired character.