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Is there anything that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat cannot do? Well, carry a note is one of them. 

Never one to take themselves too seriously, the reigning NBA Champions performed at Shane Battier‘s charity event, “South Beach Battioke 2013.” The two took part in the event last year, but this time LeBron pulled double duty by performing to R&B classics.

The reigning NBA Most Valuable Player took the stage to the tune of Michael Jackson‘s “Rock With You,” while carrying a struggle falsetto that Future Hendrix would be proud of. Hitting his MJ two-step, he strutted around for the first song until he called up his partner in crime, Dwyane Wade, to perform another tune.

The two pulled a woman on stage while they serenaded the 90s classic R&B record, “If I Ever Fall In Love” by Shai. Thankfully, they didn’t go acapella, but chose the original version of the song to perform while Wade tossed in some vintage 90s R&B adlibs.

Would still love an explanation to what it is Mr. Wade was wearing on his face.

If you are a fan of struggle falsettos and millionaire athletes not too cool to embarrass themselves, this video is for you.

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[Spotted at Cosby Sweaters]

Photo: YouTube