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Times for exotic dancers must be really hard in Wisconsin. Two strippers were involved in fisticuffs while onstage last week at a club over the whopping amount of one dollar. To add an interesting wrinkle to the story, one woman was said to be pregnant.

According to local news site, the fight took place at the Silk Exotic club after a customer attempted to tip one dancer with a single when another dancer snatched it up for herself. From there the women got physical and dragged one another to the floor of the stage, reportedly beating each other and pulling hair. It took customers and other dancers to split the dueling pole athletes apart before authorities reached the establishment to cool things down.

Although it wasn’t clear who started the fight, what was alarming was news that one of the women is pregnant. Both women received citations for disorderly conduct, a rare occasion at the adult establishment according to the police. “I was surprised by this as we seldom receive calls for service from this business.  This is a rare exception,” said Dodge County Sherriff Todd Nehls. Pregnant women working at the shake club must also be the norm as well, apparently.

Juicy J may need to remix his Gold-selling hit single “Bandz A Make Her Dance” to “George Washingtons A Make Them Scrap” in the near future.

Photo: Silk Exotic