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If you know anything about sports, just know that the kids are alright.

Much like music, sports are always going to belong to the youth. As you’ve become accustomed to the one-name basis of superstar athletes like LeBron, Kobe,  Tiger, Serena, and Peyton; know that their time will one day be gone.

It’s time to get used to the RGIII’s, Sloane’s, Kyrie’s and Manziel’s of the world that are ready to own the Earth. While with many athletes it is way to early to call on their greatness, this is looking at their place in the sport right now. Many of these stars have already achieved greatness that was laid by a former youth star placed before them.

Why can’t they become the next superstars? Why not is what we say. Hip-Hop Wired takes a look at the ten next superstars of sports that will rule the world. Imagine that.


Photo: SBNation

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