If you’re even passingly familiar with A$AP Rocky, you have at least heard the name A$AP Yams. The New York Times caught up with the A$AP Mob boss to gain some insight into what exactly he contributes to the crew. 

After revealing his various nicknames, including the Puerto Rican R. Kelly. and asserting that he’s the “boss” in the Harlem clique, he elaborated on his role. “I would consider Rocky to be Luke Skywalker and I probably [would] be like Yoda,” explains Yams. “Very cozy with the roll bump, very casual whenever he wants some advice on his life or his career or any options, he just comes to me. I’m the spirit guide, something like that, feel me?”

Yams goes on to talk about growing up in NYC and discovering Southern rap music on the Internet (word to Napster). He also had strong words for those caught up on A$AP Rocky allegedly not sounding “New York enough” on his debut, Live.Love.A$AP, which he executive produced, and debuted at the top of the sales charts.

“I don’t care what nobody says. People don’t know what New York rap sounds likes in 2012, because it’s been so messed up for the past five years,” said an impassioned Yams.

Coincidentally, since Yams dropped a Star Wars reference, just yesterday news broke that J.J. Abrams has been tapped to direct Episode VII, due out in 2015. Check out the Times‘ full interview with A$AP Yams below.

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