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Everybody stop the presses, stop what you are doing. Kanye West tweeted. 

It’s snowing in New York City and it’s been bitterly cold all week, but Kanye West tweeted. A dolphin somehow found its way to Brooklyn and is stuck in the water, but Kanye West tweeted.

Nevermind your meaningless tweets, because Kanye West just tweeted, b! What did he tweet, you ask? Seven words in seven tweets. Can you believe it?! He hasn’t tweeted since January 7th when he tweeted a picture that said “FAM” with Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z and Beyonce all sitting in a row at the BET Awards.

What do these tweets mean? Does it have to do with Cruel Winter? Is there still a Cruel Winter?! Is a new solo album on the way? We must have answers, Yeezy! Where are you, Yeezy?!

Okay, we’re being a bit facetious here. The usually reclusive Kanye West through a bunch of random words into the internets today and threw Twitter into a one word trending topic where most people joined Kanye West in tweeting meaningless one word tweets. Nobody knows what these mean, and we aren’t going to speculate.

Just check the photos after the jump. We’re sorry.

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