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When things don’t go their way, Hip-Hop artists come up with all types of excuses. TMZ found a picture from the past you lied about? “It wasn’t me.” Cops find you getting top from a man dressed as a woman out in the open? “The rival radio station is just hating.” A photo leaks of you swapping spit with the label owner? “Blame it on the Mafia influence.” (All those situations are hypothetical, of course.) But when it comes to reasons why their albums sold less than expected, rappers get real predictable with their excuses.

Rarely do artists man (or woman) up to the harsh reality that their music is as appeasing as the smell of dump truck water, or that their sound is outdated and no one cares about them anymore. Nope.

It’s mostly pointing some of the blame here and placing some more blame over there. The struggle is real. But don’t be fooled. Here are 10 excuses given by rappers as to why their album went double wood, and the decoded meaning behind their complaints…

Photo: BET

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