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Premiere Of Paramount Pictures & Marvel Entertainment's "Iron Man 2"

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Last year it was rumored that Marvel was planning on bringing back the OG Avengers team of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor to help revive the popularity of their struggling MCU and though Marvel boss Kevin Feige poured cold water on the notion, Robert Downey Jr. would be more than happy to return as Tony Starks in future Marvel projects.

In a recent interview with Esquire, the Oscar award-winning actor was asked about reviving his dearly departed Marvel character and much to the surprise of many, Downey raised some eyebrows when he said “Happily. It’s too integral a part of my DNA. That role chose me. And look, I always say, Never, ever bet against Kevin Feige. It is a losing bet. He’s the house. He will always win.”

Unfortunately it seems like Feige isn’t looking at an Iron Man return anytime soon as everyone knows that such an event wouldn’t happen until Avengers: Secret Wars which is slated to hit theaters in 2027 or 2028. Until then Marvel Studios will be building up anticipation for the historic crossover event which is said to feature Marvel superheroes from films past such as Tobey McGuire’s Spider-Man, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and even rumors that Nicholas Cage will revive his role as Ghost Rider for the upcoming spectacle.

Even though both Ghost Rider films were struggle, it would be pretty cool to see Cage as the Spirit of Vengeance. Just sayin.’

There’s even word that Hugh Jackman told Kevin Feige that he’d only do Secret Wars if he got screen time with both Tobey McGuire as Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. More reason for Feige to move forward with Iron Man’s return.

But again these are all rumors as Marvel needs some solutions to build interest in the future of their hugely profitable cinematic universe that’s seen a drop in both popularity and box office receipts in the past few years.

What do y’all think? Should Marvel bring back Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man sooner than later? Should they leave the character alone and move on? Let us know in the comments section below.