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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been one of the most successful independent Hip-Hop stories of all-time.

With the real success of their album, The Heist, and #1 Hot 100 single “Thrift Shop,” the two are looking for a fake record deal in this hilarious skit from Funny Or Die. Comedian Paul Scheer (The League, Year One, Bride Wars) plays a shady record executive that attempts to get the indie darlings to sign to a major label for a can of  beans and a pair of shoes.

The duo banter back and forth with Scheer and his assistant over ways to make the artists more popular including having Ryan Lewis change his name, having the two tour the “nation’s best bread lines,” and making party songs about food stamps that are “part LMFAO and part Rabbit Lady in Roger And Me.” 

The kicker comes at the end with what the two eventually sign for. “We don’t even want to sign a record contract. The thing we want is what we were promised, which is a free lunch,” Macklemore says with some precise comedic timing. After they reveal that the record executives lied to them (you don’t say!), he exclaims “are you f**king serious man? You bring us in here, you talk a bunch of s**t, and you don’t even give us the free food!”

Don’t worry, they work it all out in the end. Check out the Funny Or Die skit after the jump.

Photo: Funny Or Die