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Kanye West’s strange return to Twitter last week has inspired all types of weird activity, but this might be one of the weirdest.

The good folks over at MTV Hive took all of Kanye’s one word tweets that some people found as inspirational and turned them into an Internet staple of demotivational posters. As one of the longest running memes in Internet history, demotivational posters are one word pinups with a picture in the middle of them that are used for simple s***s and giggles.

Yeezy returned from his social media hiatus last week after deleting all of his tweets in October and following only one person, Kim Kardashian. We know, compelling news. However, with news of Cruel Winter’s apparent cancellation and his impending fatherhood, it seems that everything Mr. West does is news. It has been that way since the rapper made his debut on the rap scene with his classic effort, The College Dropout. 

According to Q-Tip, S1, and other producers, West has been hard at work with his sixth studio album that remains untitled. Hit the jump to check out some of the funny demotivational posters and have a little laugh on Yeezy’s expense.

Photo: MTV

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