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Gucci Mane shocked the Hip-Hop world yesterday when he tweeted a picture of himself speaking at Crawford Long Middle School in Atlanta, Ga. 

Gucci might not have been the greatest role model to speak at this event due to his various run-ins with the law. A conviction on cocaine charges, killing a man in self-defense in 2005, and being arrested more than 7 times since 2008; the Trap God rapper hasn’t exactly been a shining example of a law-abiding citizen.

While many people were left puzzled as to why the rapper was chosen, we wondered what exactly the oft-incomprehendable rapper what exactly he would have to say to advice the future of our country?

While looking at some of his steps and missteps from his past, we tell you what were some of the likeliest topics that Gucci LaFleure talked about during his visit to Crawford Long Middle School. Remember it’s all jokes, so please don’t sick Gucci on us. No, seriously.


Photo: Twitter