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Confidence is very important, especially when you’re a thief trying to jack a luxury vehicle. A Michigan woman was able to pull off a heist that ended with her driving away from a car dealership in a Range Rover, Tuesday (Jan. 29), and all because she kept it cool.

The unidentified suspect walked into Wes Financial Auto in Dearborn, Mich. and pulled a major Jedi-mind trick on the entire staff. The dealership requires that potential customers provide two forms of I.D. before they are allowed to go for a test drive. Since there were so many sales people on site, the woman went from one person to another, until she was able to get her hands on a key. “She goes, ‘Ah…I’m here to see the Range Rover,” said owner, Wes Issa. “I go’ Which one?’ She says, ‘The silver one.’ And I’m like ‘Okay’….she says, ‘Thanks babe,’ and walks out.

“The other sales guy handed her the key thinking that I already took the license from her and her IDs,” Issa explained.

Because she left behind no information, there’s no way to track her down—unless police find the car somewhere, but it may be too late. “I don’t know what they’re doing with these vehicles,” Issa said. “Chopping them, selling them for parts. I don’t know what’s going on. I mean, whatever it is, it’s hurting us.”

Authorities are investigating the matter, but Issa has offered up $3,000 of his own money for anyone who turns the suspect in, or helps them get the truck back.

Good luck with that.