Bangin Candy – Dayami Padron aka Mami From Young Scooter’s “Colombia” Vid [PHOTOS]


Remember how you felt after first gracing your eyes on Ki-Toy Johnson in Big Boi’s “The Way You Move” visual? Now, remember what your face looked like at that very moment. That’s what you’ll experience upon gazing at Latina model Dayami Padron for just a split second. Or at least that’s what’s inferred by the Internets’ reaction to her appearance in Young Scooter’s “Colombia” video.

And can you blame them? Anyone who’s seen the visual will agree. The Cuban bombshell is built. We’re talking grand structure, civil engineering, bless whoever made her built. Now put that in context. Whether it be her beautiful face, thin waist or a knack for showcasing her curvaceous posterior, Padron is certainly a winner in the eyes of most with good sense. “Colombia” alone proves this.

The Miami native found her career in modeling after finishing third on Spanish reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2008. Since then, she’s also developed her chops as an actress.

You can act like you care and check out some photos of the lovely Dayami Padron after the jump. Also, she’s very friendly with the photography on her Instagram page, so go ahead and follow her. Feel free to thank us later.

Photo: Instagram, Venge Media, Shock Magazine

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