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Deadpool & Wolverine

Source: Marvel Studios / Marvel Studios

We’re still a few months away from finally indulging in the highly-anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine movie. The latest trailer to the film almost ensures that it will cross the billion-dollar mark as it features all kinds of action, comedic dialogue and a lot of cursing.

With Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” playing in the background, we find Deadpool recruiting a hesitant and somewhat broken Wolverine for his mission to save the Marvel multiverse. Apparently, this version of Wolverine somehow “let down” his universe and may be looking to make amends. Ultimately, he joins Deadpool on his quest to save all of Marvel’s realities, but not before squaring up against the Merc With A Mouth. With all kinds of violence, comedic quips and F-bombs galore, the hype for this film will only intensify in the coming months. And we still haven’t seen any of the guest superhero cameos that have been rumored for months.

From Wolverine fighting the Hulk to Thor supposedly crying over Deadpool’s dead body, fans are said to be in for a treat when this film finally hits theaters. We only hope all these rumors prove to be true because if they’re not, we’re going to be low-key let down. Just sayin’.

Check out the second trailer to Deadpool & Wolverine, and let us know if you’re as hype for this film as we are in the comments section below.