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Touré has a penchant for outlandish statements, and he continued that trend on MSNBC’s The Cycle Tuesday (February 5) afternoon. After showing outright support for the Justice Department’s use of unmanned drone strikes, the former BET correspondent was heavily criticized by his co-hosts and on social media, reports Mediaite

The Cycle panel members engaged Touré in a war of words after co-host Krystal Ball expressed concerns over the White House’s use of drone warfare in the war on terror and how it may galvanize terrorists in recruitment efforts. Touré immediately stepped in and was headed off by co-host S.E. Cupp.

“It’s hard to say, ‘Let’s not do things because we might radicalize other people,’” Touré said, S.E. Cupp interjected that that was the policy under former president George W. Bush.  Touré continued with, “But when we say, ‘This person is leading Al Qaeda to do things’ – as soon as you join Al Qaeda, you become an imminent threat.”

Co-host Steve Kornacki responded by saying that a memo leaked to NBC News from the Justice Department which supports the legalities of a drone attack against killing an American abroad. Kornacki said the DOJ memo appears to authorize attacks on people even if they do not pose a threat to American interests.

“I’m comfortable with that,” Touré countered. “As soon as you join Al Qaeda, you are posing an imminent threat to the United States. Al Qaeda attacked this nation. We are attacking Al Qaeda back.”

Touré took to Twitter to continue his stance, and defended a barrage of insults and the like with his usual flair. “You’ll never see the right care so much about civil liberties as when you start talking about the rights of Americans in Al Qaeda. #Weird,” Touré tweeted. A quick look at Touré’s timeline today showcases that he’s sticking to his guns, although he never said he supported the killing of innocents.

In short , this is just another day in the office for Touré.

Watch The Cycle panel debate below.

Photo: MSNBC