Dionte Lummus is not a man that can control his anger. On Monday (Feb. 4), before a Cincinnati court could convict him on charges stemming from an armed robbery, he punched his lawyer in the face.

Authorities tackled Lummus and removed him from the courtroom. He previously complained about his attorney, Will Oswall, requesting that he be removed from the case. Oswall disagreed, believing that it was too late in the trail to switch lawyers.

The next day, jurors found Lummus guilty of felonious assault, and robbery, among other charges. Thanks to the punch, he could now face 11 extra years in prison, and was already looking at more than 30.

Before the start of his trial, the 20-year-old was offered a deal to spend six-years in prison in exchange for pleading guilty to attempted murder. He refused. Prosecutors returned with an 18-year plea deal, which was also denied. “If this was your brother or sister, you’d want me to fight to them as hard as I could,” Oswall said. He successfully got the attempted murder charge against Lummus dropped, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from getting physically attacked, and (maybe) publicly humiliated.

Lummus was found guilty of the 2011 robbery of a local grocery store, and shooting a man in the process. He has a pending drug charge that could increase his time behind bars.

Photo: Hamilton County Police