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The Illuminati is an allegedly secret organization with the power and influence to persuade governments and corporations to enact a New World Order. However, Russell Simmons claims there is no such thing.

At least that’s what the Def Jam founder told TMZ. When asked by a camera man about talk of Beyoncé being an Illuminati member, Simmons said, “Everybody who works hard, looks inside themselves, finds the strength to create something special; the President, Jay-Z, ya know, whoever does well…whoever realizes their potential, it makes people who don’t work, or don’t have faith or confidence or courage to be good  or be great, [it makes them] point the finger. Holmes is down with the devil.”

When asked if he thought there really was an Illuminati (see the video below), Simmons said, “No, are you kidding me? I’m a grown a$s man, of course not.”

Now we’re not going to go as far as co-signing Russell Rush’s assertions of the infamous secret society’s non-existence. But, talk of the exec and artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West being in the Illuminati usually does come down to an accuser not believing any of the aforementioned could possibly be so successful without some illicit help.

However, last we checked, the Illuminati doesn’t have an application and it’s a safe bet being a person of color doesn’t get you to the top of the recruitment list.

Just saying. Also, props to Simmons for still using OG slang like “Holmes.”

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Photo: TMZ