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Although the Walkman has long been replaced by MP3 players and smartphones, fans of the cassette tape format can now rejoice. Prison inmate goods shipping company has signed a deal with Universal to re-release classics as well as new music in the old-school format. 

The deal was announced  earlier today via a press release with accompanying details on how the partnership will work. has signed a deal with Universal Records and now offers exclusive cassettes with hip hop classics from the Notorious B.I.G., 50, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, etc. new and old hip hop albums as well as RnB. The owner of the company wanted to make sure that inmates are able to enjoy music and get everything that they need. The exclusive deal with Universal and Sendapackage is a huge deal! Universal even had to reissue the art work because the company hasn’t made cassettes in years.

Beyond music, specializes in shipping other goods such as food, electronics, toiletries, magazines and other choice items. LOX rapper Jadakiss filmed a commercial spot with the fledgling company and is thrilled to be a part of the venture.

“Big shout out to all the correctional facilities, because that’s one of my biggest markets,” said Kiss from behind the scenes while shooting the spot. “I make a lot of music for the inmates.”

Jadakiss is one of 14 artists who will be part of the Universal cassette music rollout.

Check out J to the Muah in the behind the scenes interview below.

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