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With the complaints of the former Dip Set members coming out, it seemed only logical that fans of the infamous group would soon hear from the captain Freeky Zekey about the alleged improper conduct that seemed to end the group.

With his lead single “Feel Me” off of his debut album on Big Kat Records, fans got some of the answers they were looking for when the Harlemite explained that Cam and Jim Jones shared equal blame with “shiesty” contracts with the crew and stealing money from him and Juelz.

“My whole thing, I think it’s some hop squash, I think everybody need to go and slap each other with a leather glove,” Freeky Zekey told “I think we need to sit down and re-do everything all over, because there was a lot of the things that people don’t agree that Cam did with [the] shiesty contracts and there’s a lot of things that Jim did [with the] robbing [of ] the money.”

Although there were a lot of problems within the group and mismanagement with money, Freekey Zekey insists that there is no love lost between he and his former crew.

“Who hasn’t got over on somebody,” Zekey explained, “We all probably got over a dollar or two. Whether it was a female in the hood and she told a dude she was pregnant and he gave her $300 for no reason or a dude tell his man something cost $10 and it really cost $4 and the same situation is happening as far as Dip Set is concerned and I think everybody should just chill out, reevaluate what happened in the past and meet at some type of standard. At the end of the day, I feel that when it comes to the Dip Set reunion, everybody needs to shut up and get this money. That’s how Freaky feels, the president of Diplomat Records.”