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Shooting outside Drake's mansion in Toronto

Source: Anadolu / Getty

A shooting took place near Drake’s home in Toronto yesterday (May 6), but luckily the rapper himself wasn’t hurt in the crazy incident as he hasn’t been in Toronto for quite some time.

According to TMZ, an unknown man was shot outside of Drake’s mansion near the intersection of Bayview Ave and Lawrence Ave around 2:09 a.m. local time Tuesday (May 7). While authorities have yet to release any information as to who the person is or whether it had anything to do with the Canadian superstar himself, the person injured is said to be in very serious condition as he was taken to a hospital following the shooting.

Per TMZ:

Cops say the suspect in question fled in a vehicle … although, there’s no official description available at this point. Police have taped off the area, and there are boots on the ground.

The shooting appears to be tied to Drake explicitly, as there’s video of officers on his actual property that are starting to float around via local media outlets. Many are already jumping to the conclusion that it may all be related to the very public beef that he’s in. Remember … Drake’s been ensnared in an ugly feud with Kendrick Lamar these past few weeks.

While most of the bad blood had stayed in music, there have been nasty allegations hurled on both sides — Drake has claimed Kendrick is a woman beater, and that one of his kids isn’t actually his. As for Kendrick … he’s made salacious accusations against Drake too.

Could it have been a crazy conspiracy theorist believing that Drake is involved in some wild pedophile ring and wanted to take matters into his own hands a la “Pizzagate”? Kendrick using Drake’s mansion dotted with sexual offender pins could’ve moved someone to take some boneheaded actions. But we’ll have to wait for authorities to explain the situation before actually knowing any motives behind the shooting.

What do y’all think of this situation? Random incident, or is it somehow related to the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef? Let us known the comments section below.