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“Jay-Z just made us look real good.  Jay-Z just sold 530,000 so, still looking good. Whenever anybody out it New York doing over half a Mil in a week, it’s still available.”

Some may make the argument that Cam’Ron and the Diplomats making the move to Roc-A-Fella was the catalyst to the empire crumbling.  The issues between Jay-Z and Cam’Ron seemed to be magnified with Dame Dash appearing to side with his Harlem family.

Years later, Cam’Ron may not be singing a new tune in regards to his relationship with Jay, but he does realize the fact that Jay has created an aura for the state of New York to remain a top contender in the grand scheme of Hip Hop.

The sales of The Blueprint III may have been a higher step for the career of Jigga, but it is also a representation of New York.  To say that the rapper carried the state on his back is only one way to look at it, as his slogan “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” is a self indicator.

Speaking with hiphopbeef, Cam also touched on the potential of aligning himself back up with Mase and the possibility of doing an album together almost going back to the past when they were part of the group Children of the Corn.

Breaking fashion with his pink epidemic, Cam provides insight on the skinny jean movement along with many other things.

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