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One of the more special Hip-Hop moments of 2013 came in August when Dame Dash posted a photo of himself chopping it up with former business partner Jay Z. Today, we discover that lightning has struck twice, because the Roc-A-Fella masterminds were in the same room again last night.

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Trends come and trends go in Hip-Hop. But allow us to revisit one of the more popular (and costly) things once coveted by every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the game: sports jerseys.

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The Roc Alumni and two of Philly’s finest, Young Chris and Freeway, take a stab at Meek Mill’s cut “Lean Wit It.” They took it a step further and filmed a video for the cut as well. Check it out after the click. 

“Bleek you’re still with me. What did I say?/ The time is coming; you one hit away.” – Jay Z (Momma Loves Me) There are some people in the world that know exactly how to play their position and are aware of when the time has come and gone.  Others have the issue of not […]

Although Beanie Sigel’s days with Rocafella are long gone, several tracks featuring him teaming up with a member of his old fam are set to be released. Tracks featuring Beanie Sigel and Freeway will be released in a new album slated to make its debut next month. Beanz and Philly’s new project will be titled

  Young Jeezy vs. Gucci Mane “I’m on my Louie Shyte today damn some gucci mane/ Bi%ch ni%$as still on my package they like groupies mane/ Can’t keep their lips closed they worse than coochies mane in that fruity looking stupid like some coogi mane/ Let you trick me off these streets you must be […]

“Jay-Z just made us look real good.  Jay-Z just sold 530,000 so, still looking good. Whenever anybody out it New York doing over half a Mil in a week, it’s still available.” Some may make the argument that Cam’Ron and the Diplomats making the move to Roc-A-Fella was the catalyst to the empire crumbling.  The […]