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This animated video from Pitchfork is what we like to call viral gold. Waka Flocka Flame tells the story about his grandmother putting him on punishment in the styling of a Charlie Brown cartoon. 

This hilarious video features a young Waka sneaking out of his grandmothers house, which housed close to 25 people according to the rapper. From falling into broken glass to receiving spankings to air humping for 90 minutes because of watching two dogs fornicate; everything about this is pure and complete comedy.

If you can imagine a lewd, obscenity filled version of a Charlie Brown comic strip where the protagonist gets butt-whoopings from his grandmother instead of a football swiped from his foot, you’ll get this.

This Mack Williams-directed clip is a part of the websites’ viral series, FRAMES, where artists recreate stories through an animated point of view. 

Check out “You’re On Punishment, Waka Flocka Flame” from Pitchfork’s FRAMES series down below.

Photo: YouTube