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Today is the day all dudes with suspect game dread like the plague, Valentine’s Day. No doubt instead of say Al Green, Marvin Gaye or Isaac Hayes, various Hip-Hop love ballads will be dusted off and played today. But they don’t all have to be syrupy simp anthems.

Hip-Hop has provided plenty of rap song’s that serenade (sort of) the opposite s-x without making you come off looking like a sucker for love if you choose to sing/rap along.

If you’re one of those characters out there that chooses to roll with a significant other that you don’t particularly like or juggles a bunch of them, your struggle is very real today, and good luck to you.

Here are 10 rap songs you can rock with your lady and not feel like you’re at a Boyz II Men concert and maybe send a message if she’s more Erica Mena than Michelle Obama. No shots.

Also, no, we didn’t go for the obvious when picking this list.

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