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It should surprise absolutely no one that conservative commentator Matt Walshthe guy who defends white nationalism, spreads racist and oversimplified propaganda about Black families, erroneously believes white men aren’t allowed to build airports anymore, and cries about anti-white racism in historically overwhelmingly white Hollywood—is really upset that white people aren’t allowed to use the n-word.

According to CLTV, the Daily Wire host was referring to an incident in which a white pizza delivery guy was caught on a Ring camera using the n-word when he launched into a white-tearsy rant about how white people should be able to use the word all they want because Black people use it amongst each other—and age-old argument made by salty Caucasians who refuse to just admit they want to use the slur because they’re racist. (But, whatever, maybe Walsh isn’t really racist and it’s just a coincidence that the guy who believes mermaids couldn’t possibly be Black because of—*checks notes*—science is also the guy who wants white people to be free at last to use the n-word whenever they please.)

“The claim, I guess, is that this Pizza Hut delivery guy just casually uses the n-word with customers as a greeting because that’s what it would be. Like, if he actually said it there, then that’s howhe didn’t even mean it as an insult,” Walsh said. “He justthis is apparently just what hethis is his way of saying hello.”

 — May 13, 2024

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh has outed himself as a racist on quite a few occasions. Just last week, Walsh made the bizarre claim that white men aren’t allowed to build airports anymore. And now he’s expressing frustration over Black people being able to use the n-word, but white people can’t. Someone actually pays the guy to talk about unimportant things. This time, it’s about an alleged white pizza delivery guy who said the n-word, and I suppose he saw the ring video footage online and determined that it was a hoax. However, according to Walsh, a father of six, white people should be able to use the offensive word if Black people do. Walsh feels that Black people are oppressing whites. Stop laughing. That’s how he rolls.

“The claim, I guess, is that this Pizza Hut delivery guy just casually uses the n-word with customers as a greeting because that’s what it would be. Like, if he actually said it there, then that’s how—he didn’t even mean it as an insult,” Walsh said, according to Media Matters. “He just—this is apparently just what he—this is his way of saying hello.”

“And, if that was true, it would mean that, at worst, he’s guilty of using the n-word the same way that many Black people use it,” he continued. “And this is why we have to be careful here. It’s important to point out that the claim is a lie. Even if it’s difficult to hear precisely what word or phrase he uses at the end of the clip—he obviously didn’t say the n-word—but even as we call out this hoax for what it is, we should make sure that we aren’t tacitly supporting the premise that if the delivery driver had said that word in that context, he would be guilty of some great moral crime.”

Walsh can’t even decide whether he wants to defend the delivery man’s use of the n-word, or deny that he used it all together, but, really, it doesn’t matter, because contrary to what closeted racists like Walsh who are just itching to say the word would have us believe—there’s actually nothing stopping white people from using the n-word.

Sure, a white man can catch a Twisted Tea can to the face for using the word around the wrong person, but there is also a myriad of reasons one might catch hands for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Sure, a white person can lose their job for using the slur, but, also, people of all colors can lose their jobs for using any slur if said job deems it to be inappropriate behavior, which most public and private sector jobs do.
In fact, Walsh even acknowledged the fact that white people aren’t obligated to refrain from using the word, which might lead one to wonder what exactly it is that this comically fragile white man is even complaining about.
But, you know, no white person actually has any moral obligation to observe the insane, totally indefensible, ridiculous rule that decrees that this word is acceptable to be used in any and every context by one race but in no context at all by another race,” he said. “I mean, the idea that the pigmentation of your skin should determine whether you’re allowed to utter certain syllables in a particular combination is totally absurd.”
Somebody should remind Walh that America was built, in part, on the idea that “the pigmentation of your skin should determine whether” a person is even fully human, let alone allowed to say whatever they want. And white people’s oppressive use of the n-word is a part of that history, as is our reclaiming of it.
“N*gga”—when coming out of a Black person’s mouth—carries various connotations that range from the endearing “my n*gga” to the significantly less endearing “b***h-ass n*gga,” but, however we use it, there’s no implied racism. The point is, there’s cultural context at play here that most white people wouldn’t understand and they would do well to simply respect the history involved and keep the word out of their mouths.
Or whatever, they can just be like Matt Walsh and cry about it because they don’t have the critical thinking capacity to think past: “But…but *sniff* if they can say it, why can’t I?”