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NBA All-Star Weekend’s NBA Sprite Slam Dunk contest was once again an exercise in struggle. Despite a ridiculous amount of missed dunks, suspect showmanship and all out failed attempts, there were still a number of highlight reel worthy jams, though.

The contest winner ended up being Terrence Ross, who few picked considering James “Flight” White, former champ Gerald Green and last year’s winner, Jeremy Evans, were also participating. But White blew his second dunk (an attempted a windmill from the free throw line) and Green pretty much wasted everyone’s time cutting the net to try a dunk that just didn’t work.

As for the other participants, Kenneth Faried’s first dunk was boring but he redeemed himself on his second try with an off the backboard, through legs move that big men should not try at home. Eric Bledsoe also impressed with his second jam which netted perfect score. It was too little too late though, as Ross and Jeremy Evans moved into the finals representing the East and West, respectively.

Evans’  first dunk in the finals was him leaping over what was revealed to be a painting of himself dunking. Good try, but…meh. Ross would win after a sick jam he threw down after catching a basketball bounced off the side of a backboard and the second where he leapt over a kid as he brought the ball through his legs to finish with a flush.

Also, Portland Trailblazer Damian Lillard beat Philadelphia Sixer Jrue Holiday to win the Skills Competition and Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving beat San Antonio Spur Matt Bonner to win the 3-point contest.

Check out the best jams, in GIF form, in the gallery below. Also, peep a supercut of the THIRTY SIX missed dunks below.

Photos: Deadspin

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