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Young Jeezy is responding to allegations that he owes his former friend $5 million, by disputing the claim. Ellerbee Demetrius filed a lawsuit against Jeezy last year, claiming that he is owed back pay from a minimum of four of his albums.

Demetrius (who also goes by “Kinky B”) asserts that he deserves pay for projects including 2006’s The Inspiration, and The Recession, released in 2008. Stating that he’s been friends with the Atlanta native since 1995, after meeting at boot camp. The duo started a two record companies together, dropped mixtapes, and worked to build Jeezy’s career.

After signing to Def Jam, Demtetrius says that he was still involved in Jeezy’s recording process, executive producing the albums.

Unfortunately for Demetrius, Jeezy says he’s lying. The 35-year-old filed legal documents denying that they founded any companies together, never entered into any business agreements with him, and therefore owes him nothing.

Of course Jeezy isn’t the only person to be sued by a “former friend,” but time will tell what will happen here. The case is still pending.


Photo: Chris Pizzello