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Love & Hip Hop New York is a show that doesn’t discriminate when it comes to equal rights.  Women are allowed to make as big a fool of themselves as the men—and on last night’s episode we saw bountiful examples of this.

After taking a week off, LHHNY returned on President’s Day to continue to display the saddest forms of foolery that (allegedly) make up life in the Hip-Hop world. Of course, most of the scenes are stupid, and fake (in the real music industry, people are too busy working to be bothered with the nonsense in these storylines), but that’s why we tune in every week.

The fight factor was raised on the most recent episode with two people catching glorious fades. One of course was Yandy Smith’s cousin, who took pictures of her backside to post on Instagram. Smith’s boyfriend, Meendeecess Harris—who has been acquitted of charges that he had a s*xual encounter with a teenager—basically went up to his girl’s cousin/trainer and laid the smack hand down.  The dialogue leading up to the brawl definitely sounded scripted, but from what we can tell, Harris breaking away to launch at the man, caught everyone off guard.

Aside from all that going down, check out the 10 things we learned from this week’s episode.

Photos: VH1

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