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Jay-Z’s Life + Times has launched a new series called “The Genesis” and its first subject is Bronx, by way of Morocco, rapper French Montana. In the premiere episode the Bad Boy artist reminisces about the night he was shot in the head after leaving the studio. 

French starts the episode talking a bit about how he ended up in the BX. His father moved the family over to the United States for the opportunity he thought he would find stateside, but unfortunately he broke out. “When he hustled and came here, he couldn’t live like he lived over there,” explained French. “So he went back… I was stuck here with my uncle and my little brother.”

According to French, his dad’s absence and lack of family left him cold hearted. Street dudes he ran with became his kin, but that ultimately led to his getting shot. French took Life + Times to the spot where he was almost murdered and he described how it went down.

“So I come out the studio, I’m walking like this. All I see is just two ni–as..two hammers [guns], at my head,” remembered French. “As soon as everybody started moving in on me, everybody ran. So I’m the only one stuck. I’m stuck, feel me? I got shot [in the] back of my head. Somebody died back there.”

The “Pop That” rapper goes on to reveal that it was the dude that set him up that drove him to the hospital. Peep the rest of this crazy story in the video below.

French Montana’s debut, Excuse My French, is in stores May 21.

Photo: Life + Times/YouTube