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Are you an Internet troll? Do you spend most of your days in front of a computer, mobile phone or tablet talking crap to people you’ll never meet? 

If you nodded to the previous question, then the answer is yes, you be trollin’. For trolls, there are usually certain things that you want to say that you just cannot find the proper words for. Luckily for you, the Internet gods invented GIFs.

Around since the dawn of (web) time, GIFs express emotions (or emoticons) that you just cannot simply put into words. It is almost a way of saying “if you were in front of me, this is exactly what I would do to you right now.”

In most cases, trolling can become taxing and it can get hard for you to find that correct GIF to express what needs to be said. This is what we are here for. As Hip-Hop fans and experts we’ve seen almost all of it when it comes to expressing yourself in GIF form. So instead of scouring the internet to find what you want to say, we’ve gathered all of the best Hip-Hop GIFs the kbps kings have given us and brought them here, for you.

Check them all out after the jump and troll responsibly.

Photo: YouTube

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