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This is where we say, Told you so. La La Anthony sets the record straight and asserts that Kevin Garnett never told her husband Carmelo Anthony that she smells like Honey Nut Cheerios

The infamous incident occurred back in early January when during a game Melo let KG’s trash talk get to him to the point where tried to get at the Celtics center after the game. Rumors started running wild that it was a comment about Anthony’s wife smelling like the tasty cereal that set him off, although there was never a confirmed witness that said they heard those words.

La La Anthony spoke candidly of the incident, which she laughs off, with Sirius XM’s “Ear Candy” show. “I had to be able to laugh about it because that one was a little…really crazy,” said the star of VH1’s La La’s Full Court Life. “Someone saying, ‘Oh your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios’ and everyone believing that and running with it. That’s not what was said. Kevin Garnett did not say that about me. He just said some things to my husband that he didn’t like that he felt like one man doesn’t say to another.

She added, “They’re perfectly fine now. It happens in the heat of battle. People don’t know what goes on, on that court.”

Mrs. Anthony also shot down the rumors of being separated and on the way to divorce from her husband, which reached a fever pitch soon after Melo and KG’s almost fight.

“We’re doing great. We’ve been together for 10 years. I always say if people tell you their marriage is perfect, they’re lying,” said Anthony. “We go through ups, we go through downs like anyone else. We work through and we’re doing great. We’re raising an amazing son, Kiyan, who’s about to turn six in a week… We’re working through it and things are good.”

Listen to La La Anthony’s full interview. Do you believe her? Let us know in the comments.

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