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Jonathon Watkins, the father of the 6-month-old baby struck while he was being targeted, is cooperating with policeRev. Corey Brooks, who is acting as spokesperson for the family, confirmed that the 28-year-old is answering police inquiries, but has no idea who shot him and his daughter.

“He is giving them the information that they are asking for,” Brooks said. “He is answering every question.”

While Watkins recovers from his injuries, the child’s mother, Judy Watkins has spoken out. “He loved this baby,” the 19-year-old said yesterday, at a makeshift memorial held at the scene of the crime. “When I told him this morning that she died, he was crying. He can’t believe it.”

Roughly 200 people showed up, many of them lighting candles in honor of the young victim, whose death struck  a chord, given her age.

Jonathon was changing little Jonylah Watkins’ diaper when a suspect opened fire on him and the baby. Authorities are still looking for the shooter, as is the baby’s mother. “I’m looking for him,” she said. “When I find him, he’s going to jail.”

Judy and Jonathon were married last month, and accoridng to the teen, her daughter could pick up on  moods. “She always knew what was going on with me.  I’m going to miss my baby.”

As we’ve reported,  the national crime spotlight remains on Chicago over the excessive cases of gun violence, and while the incident actually occurred in the area known as Woodlawn, Brooks sees the tragedy as an opportunity to change the public’s perception. “Everyone in Woodlawn is not bad. We want everyone to see all of us here together,” he said.

After the shooting however, police presence was increased in the neighborhood due to “a lot of active gang conflicts.” Jonathon is said to have belonged to the Gangster Disciples gang, and may have been shot because of his affiliation with the group.

See photos from the memorial, crime scene, and more, below.


Photos:DNAinfo/Jonathan Gibby/Facebook

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