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Reality TV is ordinarily a cesspool of tomfoolery that culminates during the show’s reunion episode. Such was the case at the taping of the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion show, where Consequence reportedly smacked Joe Budden before getting snuffed by Budden’s ex, Tahiry Jose. There’s been much hearsay about the altercation, but Jose called into The Breakfast Club to explain what truly happened.

“We had a little two minute break, and as Joey and I were walking out somebody flies over my head and sucker punches him in the back of his ear,” recalled the LHHNY co-star.

“Joe was walking out, so it was all unexpected. I jumped up. He jumped up. Security rushes him [Joe] on to the other side of that room, and completely forgot about Tahiry.” From there, it was apparently all she wrote, and Jose punched Cons out of what she describes as pure “reaction.”

“You just ain’t gonna run around my crew, whoever’s around me, and think you’re going to roll up on anybody like that,” said Jose.

The Breakfast Club inquired as to why Jose and Budden were exiting the venue together during to break, after she revealed that they were holding hands. Insinuations were rampant, but the former XXL Eye Candy continuously denied their claims, saying “you guys should tune in Monday night at eight on VH1.”

Hear the full interview below.

Photo: VH1