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Chicago Police are confident that the will find the shooter responsible for killing 6-month old Jonylah White. The toddler was shot alongside her father last week, and was pronounced dead a day later.

White’s father, Jonathon, is cooperating with police in hopes of finding his daughter’s killer. “We are going to close this case, there’s no doubt in my mind,” said Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

The 28-year-old father wed the baby’s mother last month. He is believed to be tied to the Gangster Disciples gang and was targeted because of his affiliation. “At this point there’s a lot more he can help us with, but [he] is cooperating with the investigation.”

McCarthy cleared up previous reports that Jonylah was shot multiple times, and hit while her diaper was being changed. She was actually sitting on her father’s lap, and was hit only once.

The getaway vehicle driven after the shooting was caught on surveillance, footage of which is being viewed by investigators. Police are also looking into an alleged threat Jonathon received via Facebook.

Earlier today, a funeral was held for Jonylah at a church in the Woodlawn neighborhood where the shooting occurred. Hundreds of people attended the ceremony, which featured a poem read by Mary Young, the baby’s grandmother.

A local funeral home paid for the service. See images from the funeral below.

Photo: Facebook/DNAinfo/Tanveer Ali

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