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Lil Wayne was released from Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles yesterday, and is feeling “a lot better,” according to a post on his Twitter page. Weezy went online earlier today to let the world know that he’s recovering, after suffering a series of seizures last week.

“I’m feeling a lot better and again thk [sic] u all for ur love and prayers. It was truly felt…pause.”

The message was retweeted more than 12,000 times, favorites over 7,600 times, and preceded by a Tweet about sports, possibly proving that the New Orleans rapper posted the message himself.

Amid reports that he was read his last rights and had been put in a coma, the 30-year-old (allegedly) sent out a suspect tweet to calm everyone’s nerves.  Instead the tweet backfired, mostly because the absence of a picture made it hard for the public to believe his words.

Plus, a bunch of crafty Internet stalkers traced the geographical location of the post, concluding that there was no way Weezy sent it from his hospital room.

A few days later, Young Money president, Mack Maine, was asked about the mini-scandal and claimed to not know who was actually behind the tweet.  “I’m not sure if he tweeted that or not,” he admitted. “I wasn’t with him at the present moment. One of his fans could have tweeted that, I’m not really sure where it came from.”

While that mystery remains unsolved, at least Weezy’s feeling better.


Photos: Twitter